Mission – Zambia

Zambia has been a mission area for our church for many years. The original vision was to start a Bible school, Kaniki Bible College, to educate and train future leaders, priests, evangelists, etc. in theology, as well as practical skills so that they could earn an income and make a living. (We have a large agriculture), and character development program. The learning environment has thus been characterized by a healthy balance between knowledge, character and skills. The Bible School has proved itself as a brilliant strategic idea to foster leaders of churches and other Christian organizations, so that today in Zambia there is a healthy and solid Apostolic Church (Apostolic Church of Zambia). It is an independent church consisting of approx. 200 local congregations.

As mentioned, Kaniki Bible College is more than a Bible school. It is also a place that has developed with a development in a farm, Baluba Valley Farm, which is a central workplace in the community, and on which many learn farming.

In addition, work has been developed in the community for orphans, which is a growing challenge. The reason for growth In orphaned children in zambia is AIDS / HIV and other fatal diseases which are not treated. The project is called the “Kaniki Orphanage Project” where we support approx. 300 children with schooling, books, uniforms, food and medicine.

You can read more about this at www.kaniki.dk. You can also contact Jesper Kure who is the Poster in our church and who is also part of the board.

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See a small presentation here from our mission trip down there in February 2010.