KIB | Mission

The big task

As a church, we especially have 4 main areas that we work with outside Denmark. They are described here in a priority economic order.

There will be a brief presentation of each of these areas, and also reference to their respective websites for further information.

Here is a conceptual explanation of what we mean by mission:

The word “mission” has a wide variety of different associations for a wide variety of people.

Some will immediately think: “Africa” – starving children, AIDS problem! While others will think mission task when they hear the word! What is my task here in life? How many companies and organizations do not really have a mission statement?

  • By mission, we mean concrete ‘cross-border’ movement from church to non-church, both locally and internationally.
  • We consider mission to be one of the main purposes of being a church sent with the message of God’s love
  • Being an Apostolic Church mean to be a congregation sent to the world both locally and globally.
  • Mission is closely linked to our identity and being, both in local congregation understanding and in more traditional external thinking.

Mission is more than an “activity”. It is the church’s eligibility!