We are a community primarily worn by volunteer employees. We have a few employments, but the backbone

of our church is the hundreds of volunteers who serve in the many different functions and workplaces.

You are always welcome to contact our various function managers and hear more closely and offer your help and commitment. In almost all areas, fresh new power and input is always needed, so do not hold back.

Since we are a big community, we need you to be proactive and outgoing and not waiting to be “headhunted”.

Perhaps you are innovative and idea-rich and burning to start some new areas. If so, please contact us at the office and then we will try to help you get started and be your
partner on what you’re passionate about.

In the menu-spot Contact us, you can find an overview of all the many things that are happening in our church and who leads the different things.

If you click on the respective headings, you can read more about the different areas of work