Family Network Evenings

Family network is a place to meet people to talk to, gain new friends and perhaps get a fresh angle on life. The network is run by volunteers. Every week there is either family dinner or adult café. During the week, we will keep in touch with each other if there is a need or desire.

Family network is an offer for vulnerable families, where, for example, unemployment, sickness, death or divorce has made a strong impression on the personal resources of the adult. There may be many reasons why the energy disappears sometimes.

Family network is a respite in the midst of everyday demands and an opportunity to be with other people in similar situations. Often bonds are strengthen, which can also be experienced throughout the week and not only for the regular events. It's about breaking isolation. Although it can be difficult to understand and solve other people's problems, it often helps to talk about them, with someone who understands.

There is Family Network Wednesdays in even weeks. You are very welcome, it is child friendly evening.




For more information contact: Ulrik Siegumfeldt


Phone: 31 68 85 85