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Psalm 8:2
"Through the praise of children and infants, You have established a stronghold against Your enemies, to silence the foe and the avenger.”

We need to know that when we praise, something really powerful happens: praise is a mighty weapon, and Psalm 8 shows us two things that happen when we praise. Firstly, praise establishes a STRONGHOLD against your enemies. This means that through praise, it is as if God forges strength within us that enables us to stand against the problems and situations of life. The things that knock some over will not knock you over, because God has established strength in you to withstand the storms of life.

Secondly, praise SILENCES. One thing I know about the enemy’s tactics is that he is always talking, always nattering. He is always trying to tell us a lie about our identity, to cause us to question our faith and to capture us with condemnation. But praise silences the lies of the enemy. As we lift a sound of praise up in our lives, it mutes the voice of the enemy.

But - it is a certain type of praise that does these things; ‘the praise of children and infants’. I would consider it less about age, rather about a child’s ability to be blissfully ignorant to the opinions of others. They simply don’t care what others think. God is wanting us to approach Him like that. David understood this: in the Psalms we read of him shouting for joy in praise, singing and dancing. This kind of praise moves us beyond our personal preferences and inhibitions, but it captures the attention of God.

Today, allow a praise to rise in you, knowing that it builds strength in you and silences the enemy!

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Hey, så har vi Impact igen på onsdag, denne ganga er vi så heldige at vi har besøg af englænderne som leder Jesus week på Kildevæld.
Det sker kl 19:00 i foredragsalen på Kildevæld, vi ses!

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Last week we talked about how we approach a King; with Praise! This week’s verse shows us that God is found in the praises of His people. It sounds like an unbelievable statement. Yet the Creator of the Heavens and the earth, the Author of life itself shows up when His people choose to lift up a praise. Again pointing to a God who is intimately involved with His creation. God is attracted to PRAISE! Your Praise! It is as if God is awaiting for a group of people to lift up His Name and when He hears and sees a praising people, God get’s involved. I have realised, when God get’s involved anything is possible; the seemingly impossible situations are made possible; the highest mountain bows; the strongest chains can break. An environment of praise is a powerful force to be reckoned with because God is attracted to it.

When Paul and Silas (Acts 16) were bound in chains in their dungeon they lifted up praise, it was in that moment of praise when God showed up and broke off their chains and swung up the prison doors. Praising through our problems attracts the unstoppable power to our lives.


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If you were invited to meet the Queen of England, how would you approach her? Would it be a crisp Hi-5 and an overly familiar, “Hey Lizzy!” in your ripped jeans and unironed t-shirt...? Of course not! We would approach ‘Her Majesty’ with the utmost respect and reverence.

So... How do we approach God?

When Jesus was teaching His disciples how to pray in Matthew 6 - the Lord’s Prayer - He taught them to ‘hallow’ God before anything else. A strange word, but hallow means to ‘honour, bless and lift up’. Jesus is teaching us the idea that when we approach God, we HONOUR and BLESS Him before anything else.

I have found when I begin with praise, it raises my sights onto how great God is. It recalibrates and refocuses my own perspective, that is often bogged down. Then, from that platform of a changed perspective that praise created, I can pray and speak to situations in life from a higher authority, because I have spent the time aligning my perspective with His.

The Message translation of this verse says we should ‘enter the throne of God with the password, “ Thank You”’. Praise is a password that gives us access into environments that were once otherwise not opened to us, and viewpoints that we once otherwise did not have.

God is looking for a people who know how to praise Him and put Him first above all else. God does not want to be your second thought, or afterthought, but rather your first thought!

This week, let’s make a choice to praise and thank Him, in everything!

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Today is the day!! 😀

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Vi glæder os rigtig meget til at have Joel Bagnall som gæstetaler på fredag.
Tag en ven med - vi ses!

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