We offer conversations for couples

4-5 main topics divided into 3-5 evenings 1½ as needed in conversation in a private home. The following topics can be frame-setting, and multiple topics can be merged together. At the first conversation, an agreement is made with the couple about what is important to talk about.

What do you consider to be the most important / most challenging for you?

The foundation is laid for the coming course with the couple, which can build on the following topics with sub-points: As a starting point, we focus on the following focus areas:

The Bible’ view of marriage

  • Society’s view and expression of love and relationship in relation to the Bible’s starting point and guidelines
  • Frame, protection and promises
  • Mutual respect among each other
  • To leave their own family and create something new together
  • Friendship
  • Intimacy
  • Will and feelings
  • Prayer


  • How do I make sure my spouse know that I love him / her?
  • The five love languages and how do they work in practice in our relationships?
  • Character traits, personalities in play
  • Communication’s different expressions in a relationship

Yours, mine and now our common values and goals

  • What are our expectations for finances
  • Spending time in everyday life
  • Job, education and professional career
  • Children (Upbringing)
  • Church life and service priority (+/-)

The way forward

  • How do we handle life crises, possibly disease, peaks with extra pressure, stress and bustle?
  • The importance of pitstops along the way
  • Who will follow you forward?

Resources we can also refer to:

  • KIB podcasts on sexuality August / September 2015
  • Network groups
  • PREP courses are encouraged to attend after 1 year after the wedding.

A brief presentation of three couples that are available for conversation:

If you want a conversation, please contact Liselotte & Ole Drejer at mail: prep@krieibyen.dk or mobile 25444070. Here there is a possibility to be referred to other couples.

Liselotte & Ole Drejer – Responsible for peer reviews & PREP courses in KIB
We have been married for 20 exciting years and have three children together: Laura, Marcus and Jonas aged 17-12 years. In addition to being a family, Liselotte works as a special teacher and Ole as a leader in a larger company.

  • Make a good start and reach a better goal! Your relationship is an important and vital relation that needs to be maintained and cultivated so that love can grow and last for a long distance with all that marriage life in life involves. Communication, the way we are together and best fits each other requires constant attention, time and work! We believe that conversation about cohabitation with another couple is important both in preparation and development!

Marianna and Samuel Friberg
We have been married for 29 years, we have 3 adult children: Rasmus, Andreas and
Olivia. Samuel is a headmaster at the Blue Gymnasium in Haderslev.
Marianna is a SFO leader at Lykkegård School in Kolding.

  • We think it’s wise to have conversations and coaching to and around marriage, because living together as a married couple requires learning like everything else in life. It may be conducive to have conversations with married couples who have experience in this area.

David and Esther Voller Mahieu
We have been married for almost 13 years and have four children. Noa, Samuel, Shiri and Jonathan between 10 and 3 years. Esther is originally from Belgium and both David and Esther have a day-care in the municipality of Kolding with room for 8 children.

  • The diversity of two cultures varies greatly. That’s why it’s important to talk through it before getting married and get a common foundation to create a new community culture with the best of both backgrounds. We also think it might be good to help couples understand each other better and know what they say by learning about character traits and different profile types.

Send an email to prep@kirkeibyen.dk if you wish to have a conversation with one of the couples above.