We have church services every Sunday at.10.00 AM and at.7:00 PM. Our worship services are about 90 minutes and every one is welcome . Every Sunday we experience guests and new visits who come to experience the worship service along with the 350 people that participate in our Sunday service.

We provide great space for singing and music, which we call praise and worship. You will find many people on stage; many singers and many musicians, and the style is fresh and contemporary.

The service is of great importance to us. We believe that the Bible is God’s inspired word to us Danes – even today! The Bible is our starting point for being a church and Christians. In our preaching and teachings, we aim to have applicable and usable content which is convertible in relation to everyday situations.

Community is very central to us. A part of our worship service is also the community in the church café.

At the Church service at. 10.00 AM we have children’s church for kids around 3-10 years old and TweenClub for kids around 10-13 years old. After the worship service, one good and cheap lunch can be bought at the church café.

At the church service at. 7.00 PM the songs are mostly English and the sound and expression is a little more youth oriented.After the service you can buy delicious coffee, etc. in the church café.

All our services are simultaneously translated into English

We look forward to seeing you.