Part of our practice as a community is a series of church acts that are taken place in the big community. as we indicate we stand together in the
different phases and seasons of life.

Child blessing of the little children.

The Church stands together to bless the little children like Jesus has taught us in Mark. 10: 13-14 and Luke. 18: 15-17. It will most often take place within the child’s first year of living.

Youth blessing

For the young teenagers at the age of 14, a teaching camp is held every year. They are offered to ‘go to priest’ at the priests of the church, who teaches them in the Biblical bases and the church’s life and teachings. The teaching ends with a party service in the spring, where the young people are blessed in front of the congregation. Contact us at the office if you have a child that would like to participate in Youth blessing.


The priests of the Church have permission from the Church Ministry to conduct marriages, with civil validity, as long as one party is a member of the Apostolic Church. Marriage is always done after prior consultation and pre-marital education with the priest.


Funerals are usually performed by the priest of the church either from the chapel of the church or cemetery. We cooperate with local parish churches and graveyard. The Graveyard will in the starting point be in the parish where you live.

Supper ( Eucharist)

In church we express our fellowship with the risen Jesus and remember his suffering and death through supper. The supper is open to anyone who wishes to attend. We celebrate supper the first Sunday of each month. People in our church are also available with prayer and counseling / soul care either in connection with the worship service or by appointment. Contact us at the office and we’ll help you.


Baptism in our church is a practical and symbolic act, confirming your faith in Jesus. In the Bible, we see that all who believed in Jesus were baptized. Faith is the only prerequisite for baptism. We therefor call baptism A faith based baptism. We do not practice childbirth, since we believe baptism comes after the confession of faith.