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Tomorrow Lewis will be with us at Cutting Edge! Come and join us at 18:00 to enjoy Vivian's amazing Albanian food!!!

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In our 4th week of learning scriptures about God’s kind of peace I have been struck by the depth and awesomeness of God’s idea of peace. It has began to highlight in me areas where there has been an absence of this fruit of the Spirit. God has also shown me that all too often I allow situations, out of my control, disturb the peace within my heart. I have come to realise, I can not stop situations from happening around me but I can reduce the impact it has on me. When we have God’s peace we can know INNER REST despite EXTERNAL TURBULENCE.

This week verse further reveals the vast depth of God’s peace. The psalmist describes the peace of God as ABUNDANT! We are shown that we can experience this abundance of peace if we love God’s word. There is lots of things I love in life, family, curry, sports; to name a few. But do we LOVE God’s word? If we love something we spend time getting to know it. If we want to know God more we would discover what he has to say. The bible is GOD’S WORD. So when we read the bible we are discovering what God is like. I return to the question, do you love God’s word? The writer points out that as we feed our souls with the God’s word abundant peace will begin to be realised in our lives. After all, when Jesus, God’s Son, spoke to the storm it calmed immediately. God’s word brings rest to the turbulence in our lives.

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Were waiting and preparing for you. Come at 19:00 @Lykkegaardsvej 100. ❤️

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This extraordinary verse begins with a conjunction, ‘And’ - which means that to understand the scripture fully, we need to read the verse before.

Verse 6 is all about putting our anxious worries into God’s hands and sharing everything with Him. The very essence of prayer is a transaction: our worries, for God’s peace. Sometimes we can pray, but we still hold onto what we prayed to God about. However, God’s peace which is waiting to flow into your hearts has a condition attached to it: Will you truly trust God in prayer and leave things in God’s hands? Prayer and peace, they go together hand in hand.

As we learn verse 7, we need to know God is the source of peace and He desires to give you peace.
It is His to give.
But there has to be an exchange, a two-way flow.
The peace transaction.
Our trust through prayer, for His peace.
A peace which surpasses all understanding.
A peace that guards our hearts and minds.
A peace that creates resilience and rest, of internal rest despite the external storm.
A peace that erodes every anxious thought.

God is the willing giver of peace, but He is waiting for us to trust Him, in prayer, to leave things with Him.

The PEACE transaction.

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In this week’s verse we can identify a secret to discovering perfect peace. A commodity that is impossible to come by in this world but tangible and attainable through God. The secret to peace is to trust. If we trust in God it causes our mind to stay on God and the outcome of a steadfast mind is PERFECT PEACE in our lives. Therefore, peace in our lives is the result of trust in our hearts in God. We need to be people who learn to trust in the Lord in every area of our lives, in spite of the trials and temptations.

Perhaps the deficit of peace in our lives is because we are having a tough time surrendering control of areas of our life to God and trusting him? Also, when we think too much about tomorrow we can easily become worried and anxious. Instead of peace we experience turmoil. Yet when we turn our thoughts to God and keep our minds ‘stayed’ on him, we experience his perfect peace.

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Watch out for the The House ENDGAME as we finish off an amazing season!!

Free entry, great party, music, smoothies, games, and the best of people all in one place! Grab your buddies and come to Lykkegaardsvej 67. 🎉

DOORS OPEN AT 19:00. 🔥🙌

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Christian Tychsen comes this Friday and we are super excited to host him and you guys 🎉 the party starts in less then 2 days!!!

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