Network group is our term for smaller communities that we encourage people to be in. Communities where we commit to each other and walk together in faith and in life. It is a place where you can connect with others through meaningful relationships, in the middle of our big community.

We have a number of different network groups. Most meet on Wednesday and preferably every 14 days. There are groups that are more family oriented, groups that speak English, groups with different or specific age groups, etc.

Be part of the big and the small fellowship
We believe it's important to invest in meaningful relationships

A network group is not just a place where you can meet your needs, but also where you can meet other people's needs. You can say that it is a place where you can:

  • know and be known
  • love and be loved
  • Serve and be served
  • Encourage and be encouraged.

The primary is not how to practice these things in a network group, but to practice them.

If you want to join a network group, you can contact the network leader Heidi Jørgensen.